Let’s turn your ideas into art

You’ve got to the space of a creative Ukrainian design studio with the weird title. “Varti” in Ukrainian means “Worthy”. We can create the best design solution for your business.

Varti design studio has comprehensive experience and creative talents to make appropriate solutions for your problem.
We are working to make companies’ digital representation attractive and comfortable for their clients.

Our design studio exists only for four years, but we have already worked for different industries and companies from all over the world.

Our team stands for international collaboration. Among our clients, there are companies from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. We are open to offers from all over the world.

Our goal is to help our clients deliver their business ideas in the best way possible. That is why we expand our client base beyond one industry. Our expertise ranges from entertainment and beauty to healthcare, real estate and banking.

We have a small team and
work exclusively with each client. Our approach is reliable and accurate.







When Varti Studio is the best fit

You need profound design expertise

From mobile apps to web products, our UI/UX team creates inimitable designs tailored to your specific demands. Our in-depth expertise and extensive experience are evident in many positive reviews from our customers.

Your project should be ready yesterday

An aesthetic and functional interface is a sure way to draw attention to your brand. It is better to have it done sooner in order to be ahead of the competition. Working with our company, you’ll get UI/UX design services in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality.

Your business
is growing

Company growth is always a good thing, but it also presents new challenges. Varti Studio is a close-knit team of experts in building intuitive and user-centered design solutions, taking into account every aspect of your existing product. We'll develop an attractive design for you!

Our customers
love what we do

We always appreciate any feedback from our clients. But what could be better than a positive review from a happy customer?

Amazing team
I was recommended to Varti from another startup, and I can’t imagine where we’d be without them. The team is incredible. We’ve been working with them for ~4mo now, and their quality and speed is unparalleled. They iterate quickly, which gives us the opportunity to make adjustments in real time to deliver a great experience for our users. They’re also super responsive, even across timezones. I am so thankful for them!

Lizzie Matusov

Varti Studio is still working on the web app’s UX, but the client’s first impression is very positive. Their team impressed the client with their initial analog drafts, excellent requirement management, and effective communication.

Manager, Solactivy

As a result of collaboration, Varti Studio successfully increased the company’s user satisfaction, retention, and conversion. The team effectively handled communication and workflow, which the client highly recommend. Moreover, they demonstrated friendliness and excellent UI/UX prowess.

CEO & Head of Product, DonorSee

Their speed of delivery, quality of work, and easy communication are impressive.

CTO, Lytics AS

What impressed me the most is that Varti truly felt like an extension of our team.

Hue Beauty

I was very lucky to have found Varti Studio online. They were very ease to contact and had a detailled look over our brief. The results are really great and are glad to have chosen them as our partner for this project. We believe…


Olga, Yuliia, and Liza did timely and excellent work for us across multiple projects and we are very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend!

Zach Lowden

We are a Taiwanese Legal-Tech startup and have worked with Olga and the team of Varti on the renovation of our website. The communication was clear and they are always there to help. Both UI/UX design was delivered in…

Vincent Chen