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Case Study. Varti Studio. Identity and Website Design.

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6 March 6 min read

Welcome to explore our digital agency’s website redesign, a strategic decision driven by the ever-changing dynamics of the online space. As technology evolves, user expectations and our professional skills develop, adapting our digital presence becomes truly important. Join us as we uncover the key motivations driving this transformative journey and why staying digitally current is not just a choice, but a necessity for thriving businesses. Additionally, we’ll look at how expanding our skill set has led to the integration of new services, ensuring the website redesign reflects our growth and experience.

Website redesign

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We have come a long way from facing challenges in design creation to developing ideas and putting them into reality. We invite you to discover our story of creating unique and creative web design solutions.

This process involved the talent and determination of Valentyn Khenkin, Tetiana Bashkatova, Anna Babich, and Valeriia Popova.


Varti Studio is a creative digital agency that helps businesses develop user interfaces. Our main goal is not only to create an aesthetic image but also to help companies solve many user pains with the help of design. You can count on us for website design, mobile app design, developing your brand and identity, creating graphics and illustrations, and delivering UX solutions.

Being on the market since 2019, we have already cooperated with a wide range of business types and industries. We create designs for CRM, SaaS, cryptocurrency and banking, healthcare and education, media, communication, and entertainment businesses, fashion and culture, real estate, and environmental organizations.

Among all that diversity, our focus is to provide businesses with design solutions that will make them better. Whatever the industry is, we strive to realize the company’s idea in the most effective way and follow the newest trends in design.

Name. Logo. Identity

How was the name Varti Studio chosen? Frankly speaking, we had to go through a long journey to find the ideal name that truly embodied our identity and values. After considering thousands of options, our native Ukrainian language became the perfect choice. “Varti” means “to be worthy”, which symbolizes our commitment to the values, skills and passion for our work.

Our logo combines the first two letters of our name, “VA.” It is presented in a harmonic and minimalist manner.

However, the style of minimalism is not only inherent in our logo. The whole design of the website is minimalistic, with a contrast of colors, futuristic motives, and a bit of brutalism.

The first sketches of the design were made in blue and yellow colors — the colors of the Ukrainian flag. It’s a symbol of our identity and solidarity that represents our national affiliation.

First step

In our initial version of the website, we created a lively design infused with customized illustrations. Our goal was to set ourselves apart from other agencies, demonstrating professionalism right from the first interactions on the website. This involved a fusion of neon colors, gradients, a futuristic style, geometric patterns, and other techniques that injected vibrancy into our design.

As we progressed and developed more complex design solutions, our website design was no longer relevant to our skills and values. This realization prompted the decision to initiate a redesign.

A redesign can differ, from changing the color or elements to renovating the concept. We stopped at the second option. But before the actual redesigning phase, we had to analyze what areas needed improvement, what style we should focus on, and what elements had to be removed.

First design — Presentation.
New design — Presentation.

Redesigning Stage

During the UX wireframing stage, we strategically defined the main content blocks and organized them to enhance the website’s engagement, informativeness, and user-friendliness. This process involved a thorough examination of how these blocks would appear on both desktop and mobile interfaces

As in the logo, we stopped at the minimalistic design. We chose a color palette of dark and contrasting eye-grabbing shades of orange. We didn’t want to place multiple elements and text, so we followed the laconic approach and showed our message briefly but impressively.

The primary objective behind incorporating deep and dark colors while simultaneously introducing bright accents is to achieve a strong visual contrast and offer a unique visual experience.

The website design starts with the Home page, featuring a complex blend of typography and captivating animations. This initial section provides an overview of the company’s services, a display of completed projects in the portfolio, and essential contact information. Notably, the hero section boasts a prominent custom-animated 3D model of a spinning planet, accompanied by a comet sliding along the edge.

By proceeding further, on the About page, we have placed information about our agency, the history of its creation, our customers’ testimonials, and previous projects

Well, what can a digital agency website be without a demonstration of completed work? Clients can find this information on the Projects page. We have placed several examples of our works and a link to the Behance profile, where people can get acquainted with our projects.

In the Services section, we have listed the services we provide so clients can see how our agency can help them.

Our Contacts have common information on how to reach out to us. However, this section is designed responsively so potential clients can easily connect with us.

Every page on the website is optimized for mobile viewing, guaranteeing a perfect design experience across various devices.

Our team successfully implemented all design solutions using WordPress, allowing for a quick and effective design process.

As part of a complex approach, we extend a new style not only to the website but also to our social media posts. It is important to maintain a consistent style as it underscores integrity and strengthens brand awareness.


Final Words

In today’s world, a website is an integral part of any business presentation. For a design studio, a well-planned website is how clients form their opinions. While a web design may remain unchanged over the years, the agency undergoes development and progress. These aspects make updating the website necessary. A well-designed, easy-to-use website boosts brand awareness and increases customer satisfaction, improving the effectiveness of selling business services.